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Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE)

By Timson Green posted 03-14-2021 11:06


Why Get Certified?

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important. Sure, you know you've got the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential customers and employers you do?  For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.

For some entomologists, it is recognized as a valuable way to prove professional credentials to non-entomologists and the general public. For others, the topic can generate a puzzled response. Why become certified? Isn't a college degree and/or years of practical hands-on experience enough to establish one's credentials? Either response of yes or no is correct, depending on your clientele and colleagues.

Consider the doctor, plumber, architect, lawyer, or building inspector ... these are all professionals just like you. They have been educated in their field. They have spent years working in the field, and in some cases, earning their degrees-but credentialing is an important and recognized step of their career.

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