Hoarding Horrors

By Muhammad Akram posted 05-07-2021 20:05


Hoarding Horrors

A Catalyst For Pest Infestations

Homeowners that have a bad habit of hoarding can face many pest related issues. This is a new blog that aims to list such problems and warn against them so as to diminish the habit of hoarding. This article is a summary of the original articles posted on Pest Solution Services' Bed Bug 101 page. You can read it by following this link: Hoarding Horrors

Problem 1: Rampant Pest Populaltions 

Hoarding random objects and junk all throughout the home (or even in specific parts of the home, like the garage) gives more hiding and nesting spots to pests such as cockroaches, centipedes, and mice/rats. Beacuse of this, pest populations can easily reach high levels in a hoarder's home.

Problem 2: Pest Droppings

Hoarding and not cleaning up properly leads to a large amount of nasty, and unhealthy build up of dirt, stains, and smells. The worst of these build-ups is pest droppings which may even be difficult to clean without the correct equipment. Some pest droppings may even contain disease (such as mice droppings).

Problem 3: Expensive Services

Hoarders deal with far more expensive pest control services than their organized counterparts. An organized home takes less time, equipment, labour, and product to treat and provide pest control services to. A hoarder's home requires much more attention and may require multiple visits. Thus, hoarders can expect to pay more for any general contract work, especially pest control.

Solutions & Conclusions

Investing in good home maintenance and cleaning supplies is the obvious solution. Eventually, minor infestations such as fruit fly populations and carpet beetles will be solved (in most cases) simply by following a dedicated cleaning routine. Other serious and damaging infestations will most likely require a pest control company.


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