Terrible D-I-Y Bed Bug Mistakes

By Muhammad Akram posted 09-27-2020 20:28


Terrible D-I-Y Bed Bug Mistakes

EDIT: This blog has been recently updated to reflect some new content (April 10, 2021).

"How to get rid of ______" is a blunt and common phrase entered in to search engines by homeowners upon encountering a nasty or recurring pest. Here, in Toronto, a popular destination for bed bugs, the quick search phrase "How to get rid of bed bugs" can lead homeowners down a series of mistakes causing them to get rid of a lot of things1 - except the bed bugs. The following article, originally prepared for the Bed Bug 101 blog on the Pest Solution Services website, addresses these mistakes and explains why some common "Do-It-Yourself" techniques are futile. This work has been prepared for Pest Solution Services, and may not be copied.

Kerosene Oil

The combustible and toxic kerosene oil can end up being used by homeowners in an attempt to get rid of bed bugs. In fact, previous clients have tried this method by putting the oil in containers and placing them under each leg of the bed so that these containers act as traps and bed interceptors for the bud bugs. Apart form these homemade traps, some homeowners may try to rub and apply kerosene oil to parts of their house and furniture, however this is very dangerous and unsanitary as your house now becomrs easily flammable, toxic, and carries a kerosene oil stench. Many bed bug infestations cannot just be washed away with oil, rather, you need legitimate tools and control methods with appropriate application to get rid of bed bugs.

Turning Up The Heat

After seeing and reading heat-related treatment options, some may assume turning on multiple electric heaters in a room and raising the temperature of the entire house will help get rid of bed bugs. This is not true; bed bugs will survive through the disoriented an un-coordinated DIY heat treatment. Bed bugs can survive both high and low temperatures and simply raising the heat of your home or room is not an adequate plan. Without proffesional expertise and services, getting rid of bed bugs is uncertain and difficult.

Sleeping With The Lights On

Bed bugs will come out for meal if they detect a sleeping human. Whether the lights are on, or off, does not really interrupt or disturb their feeding and senses. Furthermore, sleeping with the lights on will in no way reduce the infestation, and so you will simply waste time and fall further back in fighting against the population of bed bugs in your room.

Leaving The House Vacant

Bed bugs can survive up to a year or more without food. Trying to starve them to death by leaving a specific room, or the entire house vacant will not solve the problem. The best way to fight the infestation is to hire a professional, and act quickly. Methods like leaving the house vacant, only slow you down and allow an infestation to spread and cause more damage than it should.

Throwing Out The Mattress


Before throwing away the matress, or the entire bed, homeowners should atleast have had a bed bug inspection. If the infestation had spread to your closet, or your living room couches, or another bed room, then throwing away your mattress/bed and buying a new one will have been a large waste of time and money! The matress and bed will get re-infested, and fairly quickly if the infestation in your house is large. Professional consultation is valuable before you decide to exterminate, or dispose of furniture and mattresses.



[1] They may throw out their matresses thinking that the problem will be solved. Getting rid of bed bugs does not necessarily mean getting rid of your matress!

This article may not be copied.