Make Success a Priority

By Erik Hardt posted 01-27-2017 18:38


             Have you ever found yourself in your office at the end of the day wondering, “where did the day go”?  Isn’t it easy to get wrapped up in the events of the day, putting out fires and chasing new leads?  Owners and managers are constantly juggling too many balls. So many in fact, that we often drop a few “less” important ones to insure that the most important ones (our customers) are taken care of. 

            In the winter, pest control professionals often find the busy season in pest control has slowed and the phones are ringing less.  It’s time to start picking up those balls we dropped during the chaotic summer season, and take advantage of the down time we have.  The easiest ball to drop is often the “planning” ball.  Being in a seasonal industry affords pest management professionals a unique opportunity to plan for success.   Former University of Alabama head football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant said in his plain and simple way “Have a plan. Follow the plan, and you’ll be surprised how successful you can be. Most people do not have a plan. That's why it's is easy to beat most folks.”  His straightforward comments sum up not only football success but also success in business and in life.  Planning is a way to turn a dream into a concrete path for success.  Successful business people have a plan for their life and they work methodically at turning that plan into a reality. Their life is not a clumsy series of unplanned events and outcomes.  Use your time in a way that will promote productivity and profitability.  Do not forget to invest your time into your business.  Don’t get sucked into the mindset that “I didn’t have time to plan.”  That thought process is an excuse.  It’s not that you don’t have time for planning, but rather failed to make planning a priority. 

          Chances are you would not hesitate to repair a down truck or buy a new office printer if yours broke.  You would have no problem running to the field to offer your expertise in a challenging situation. Unfortunately, picking up the planning ball and investing your time into your businesses success is often times pushed aside or over looked completely.  Set an example for your employees.  Your leadership and direction will encourage their success and their opinion of you and your business will be better when they know you have a direction for your company, and for your employees.