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Brown Planthoppers turns Lahore city into Dark!

By Ejaz Hussain Bajwa posted 10-27-2019 08:02


Many of the restaurants in Lahore-Pakistan had to switch all lights off to avoid light lovers

North part of city all of a sudden invaded by Brown Planthoppers as we are entering into winters. Restaurants, malls, public buildings, street lights and other urban areas switched to dark mode because of these light lovers. All stake holders are helpless as these insects are still penetrating inside by somehow. Experts are into other mechanical solutions to be tried to get rid of these. Use of high velocity air curtains, light management, switching to sodium lights and use of sticky materials is being practiced by Urban Pest Management the brand we are working for but still need some suggestions from the fellows across borders. 



10-27-2019 09:15

Thank you Ayesha! Indeed it works up to some extent. But there should be some more effective controls because it's raining of insects.

10-27-2019 08:52

Use of yellow light Or installation of  a light trap at some distance might be of some use